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Obsessive fear of losing loved ones: Fear of losing Someone you love

We are kind of newly weds so its been hard and frustrating.

William Thompson
Sunday, July 28, 2019
  • Does your workplace provide any mental health support?

  • My Grandma is the sweetest woman in the world, and my cat is like my best friend. To do that, seek help from a professional and do not try to self-diagnose these upsetting thoughts.

  • These are normal feelings that everyone experiences.

  • Email Address.

  • You should definitely talk to your doctor. Prioritize self-care with the basics of good nutrition, sleep, social support, and whatever else keeps you whole.

The two types of anxiety over a loved one's death

I hope you have been able to reach out for help. You need to go read or articles on grief and bereavement. Thank you for writing this article. OCD is fundamentally related to an intolerance of uncertainty. Because there is professional help for this.

The more and more I have read over this past week, the more I now realize that maybe what I'm going through isn't a relapse of PPD. This sent me into a complete panic. Chrissy on October 11, at pm. That must be so scary and awful! Too sensitive! The fear that remained was with my uncontrollable, intrusive thoughts.

  • Hi Sharon, on one hand, we get it. Signs and symptoms of thanatophobia include: anxiety dread distress Treatment focuses on: learning to refocus the fears talking about your feelings and concerns.

  • I have read the above comments and feel at ease but disturbed as well. And how is your self esteem?

  • When I found out about the second woman this past week, first I freaked out, then I found out she died suddenly, and I have been feeling worse than ever. What it also helps with is that it helps us be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves.

  • I also have thoughts of him or my other sons getting killed in a car accident. And since then i cant sleep well at night,i always worried about my family and in the morning when i wake up ,i call them if they re healthy.

Everybody dies. Treatment for anxiety and phobias like thanatophobia focus on easing feqr dread and worry associated with this topic. I made a lot of progress with meditation and self-help books. I could have been born in a 3rd world country where I had no food to eat and died when I was 3 or I could have been lucky enough to grow up and have a baby of my own only to see them starve to death being powerless to do anything about it. This article helped me smooth down my emotions and feel happy that I am at least still in this world. Have you talked to a therapist? I hope this comment would raise your attention.

The first step to feeling better is reaching out for help. I know better then to go through with any of the thoughts i have but they are relentless. September 14,pm. This is not a joke! AHHHH its so terrifying.

Scenario 1: Worrying when a loved one is at a higher-than-usual risk of dying

What are possible solutions to each problem? I wrote a little gift book last year about loss. But long drawn out torture before I kill them. Thank you so much for this article! I constantly worry that its something congenital and my husband is going to die of cancer.

OMG you are Just like me!! Now is the time for me to seek professional help. Who would attend, what music would be played, how their passing would affect the people who would assist, what would be said at their memorial service. Despair and grief change and eventually, you have to pick yourself up and somehow learn to cope. Katherine Stone on January 6, at am. The fear that remained was with my uncontrollable, intrusive thoughts. To understand the fear of acting out, consider two concepts: Russian roulette and the kinesthetic sense.

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Thread Tools Lofed Printable Version. Accept that you are experiencing anxiety around losing a loved one. Since my eldest son was born, I am consumed with death. Can safety behaviors and compulsions save you? I love them all dearly and I wonder why and what makes me think these horrifying thoughts. Replies: 2 Last Post: ,

I am trying to be on less mind blocking medications to handle, overcome, intrusive thoughts with cbt but its very index girls and hard work! Leo — Remember that aggressive obsessions are treatable. She is so scared of these thoughts and has been praying and telling herself to stop thinking this way when the thoughts pop into her head. Focus on each day, and on not panicking in the face of thoughts, and reach out for support. For others on this site reading mine and others posts who have harmful, aggressive, awful OCD, you are not alone!!!!

Behavioral Therapy. I lost my nan at ten years old, then my grandparents, then my grandad at Grief is a strange beast. Small memories, small smiley thingsthis surely must be more than death, I hold onto these thoughts and it helps me.

I don't discuss this with friends because I'm too embarrassed. Similar to what occurs losing loved the case of obsewsive obsessionsindividuals with aggressive obsessions are often afraid of acting on unwanted impulses. I love them so much, why is this happening? I love you all!!!! An excellent for of treatment to address and correct the brains autopilot reaction and response. At night, I would pray to God to keep my husband and son and eventually sons safe. Hello everyone!

Is there any hope to get rid of this for good, without the use of drugs? Even then it is hard to let them go. I have been diagnosed with OCD and battle hard to fight it. Is there anything I should do? Tabitha on November 8, at am.

I have been praying to God to keep us all safe but at the same time know that we are all born to die so praying for that just seems stupid. Otherwise, if the anxiety becomes unmanageable, do reach out and talk to someone, such as the counsellor at school or a trusted adult. If not, what stops you? Disclaimer This website contains general information about psychological topics.

Re: Obsessive fear of losing loved ones

I cant sleep at night, during the day I will be looved one minute and than the next a thought of something happening to one of my children or my husband or my parents or my grandparents or or or… pops into my head and I cant get it out. Post below. Not only did I not forgive my dad and hated the dog, I then gave up on praying so intently because I knew my prayers would not come true.

Ever since body mass index girls was 8 years old now 20 i have suffered from violent thoughts. I am sorry, I onfs feel for you all, I wish, like everyone that there is a quick cure and the reason behind all of this will one day be figured out and noone else has to endure such pain. I want to be a good person and have good life. I have one little boy who is four soon and I am pregnant with my second child. I tried to get into a mental health facility its full up and a psych I want to see is on holiday to end of month.

I am currently in counseling and group therapy…but for now, this post and these comments obsessive fear of losing loved ones bringing me comfort. For lpsing months I cried every single day and I spent hours crying on the phone with my parents. You can certainly watch some TV or play a game to distract yourself, but I challenge you to try for more than simple distraction. Take deep breaths. How to Keep Yourself Tethered to Now.

But it can be so crippling and hard at times. This leaves a one in six chance of death. However, I can now take the steps needed.

I woke up with such horrible anxiety and just cant eat much. Yet these definitions don't suffice, especially when we consider that these are all planned, thought-out, organized events. For some years, it went away… up until I had my child last year, and then I developed post partum psychosis, which exacerbated it. We know as a caregiver the last person we can give care to can be ourselves.

It all started about two months ago when I got home from a week at camp and I saw something about murderingc and I thought wat if I went crazy and stuff. Lived think more people should practice saying I love you everytime they say goodbye to their loved ones. He dosent cry but it looks like it really hurts him. Be gentle on yourself, you are navigating a lot. People who suffer from fear of death OCD can become highly sensitive to the sensations in their body, as well as to certain signs in their environment. Thanks more then I can say! Seeing this makes me feel hope!

Some therapy would help so much. Or obseessive you have a relationship obsessive fear of losing loved ones a safe adult at your religious institution if you have one. Re: Obsessive fear of losing loved ones hiya i too suffer terrible anxiety at the thought of losing my hubby mainly cos he is the only person in my life that is there for me, understands me and also the only person i trust, if something happend to him i dont think i could cope, also 3 kids kids i worry about too. I would like to know what to do to think of him in a happy, loving way and not with this mental anguish and physical gut churning pain. AHHHH its so terrifying.

What would losibg to me? I panic more and more especially since I now know that was her second attempt. That is where our nine internal friends come in. I have been on it 3. I know its wrong to do things such as these, but worry I might do it anyhow.

I got it lovrd to 10 eventually as I knew I was turning into a complete nutcase. Or even on random occurrences? I believe my anxiety is a sin. In summary, you are a sensitive person who cares about others. What about just accepting it? John chapter 3 explains Jesus love and message to us beautifully.

I remember one daya couple of months ago my mom was feeling sick and she told me i lkved not feeling well so we arent obsessive fear of losing loved ones to the beach today. It keeps me up at night and I just bawl my eyes out. Your doctor may prescribe medication to reduce anxiety and feelings of panic that are common with phobias. No matter the source of your worry, there are ways to reduce the hold it has on your life.

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During my pregnancy Obxessive started to be obsessed with deformities. If you don't feel like there's anyone you can talk to, consider talking to a therapist, especially if your fears are interfering with your ability to function normally. I think about this all the time, it has filled my life I cannot imagine a life without my twin even though I have a wonderful husband, children and grandchildren, two close brothers and sister-in-law…I cannot imagine being without my twin. I have a lot of pain and burning sensation in my stomach.

Heidi K. I really do identify with onds. I have lived in a lot of fear about my three children. Thanks again for helping out!! Living so close to this line and knowing all it takes to destroy everything is to simply step over it, is what consistently steers sufferers away from the historical evidence of their lives and towards the always-alluring, "yeah… but what if…WHAT IF!?

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If we have trust issues, we often also have control issues. Treatment for anxiety and obsessive fear of losing loved ones like thanatophobia focus on easing the dread and worry associated with this topic. Related Articles How to. Small memories, small smiley thingsthis surely must be more than death, I hold onto these thoughts and it helps me. Pamela on October 15, at am. We can become more grateful for what is right in front of us.

Clinical psychology review. You are not alone and you can absolutely get help for this. Use your coping resources. Don't get me wrong—she did worry about her husband and her family's future. She helps me live.

Embrace coexistence. All4mrbracamonte on March 29, at am. I can not do it alone. Here is a list of providers by area. If you have any of these thoughts, it is important to speak with your doctor or therapist.

Everything you're talking about is all too familiar, and I really feel for you. Having obaessive connection or thinking about your religious, spiritual beliefs, or worldviews helps individuals cope with death-related themes. Here is a list of providers by area. I want you to know that it can and will get better with help.

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Once I found out about the first one, I just started obsessing over how death is inevitable and I could not even see my husband or daughter playing because it made me sad to think I might lose them one day. She is a licensed clinical psychologist. Katherine Stone on December 11, at am. Becky Schroeder on January 9, at pm. Fear of losing loved ones can hide a problem with codependency. If my mother gets sicks from even a minor ailment, I panic that the worse will happen. So, what did this brave woman do to quell her profound anxiety?

And death can become an interest or obsession obsessive fear of losing loved ones there is a sense obsessivf going out into the world, of not being able to always rely on everything and everyone to be there or stay the same. Harley Threapy. About the Author. Laura S on September 14, at am. I have a constant fear of my car door opening while driving on the highway when I'm the passenger.

I have had the same thoughts since my grandmother died and my Dad left when I was 9 I am now Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you. I know its morbid - ridiculous even, but I just cant shake it.

Animals are so precious, and easier to love than other humans as they ask less of us, are easier to understand, and can give so much affection without strings. The loss of a loved one is an earthshattering experience that can make your reality feel unreal. But because of that, to be totally unsure about your career and future at aged 24 is actually normal. What are the very worse things that would happen if you lost your loved one? Susan— I lost my mom just after I turned If not, google for a help line in your area. I have always fear death for most of my life but after my 7 yr old was born it became so much worse even now 7 yrs later.

Have you gotten any help? Every night, obsessive fear of losing loved ones I go to sleep I think of it and it either ends by thinking of something else to distract myself or llved this night, when nothing can distract me and I just decide to skip sleeping. Please log in with your username or email to continue. I am at my worst now, though. My hope is that each story brings awareness to those suffering that there is help. I was so afraid that someone was going to grab him.

Obsessive fear of losing loved ones

Seeing this makes me feel hope! These obsessive fear of losing loved ones are treatable. The treatment is meant to kickstart the part of the brain that can sense lksing in the face of disturbing thoughts, feelings, and impulses. College courses, getting married, moving several times, bills, two small children and being a SAHM was a lot to handle. Over the next year, I kept taking my medication but did not like the fact that I had gained 30 lbs and felt almost lethargic every day.

In order for there obsessive fear of losing loved ones be life, there must be death. I moved to another state shortly after I got married to provide a better life for my future kids. But we also truly believe she would not want you to be unhappy without her, but she would be happier to know you were ok when she does move on. My dad died suddenly the heart break I felt was dreadful but the only advice I can come up with is the fact you have to shut rubbish out of your mind, not an easy thing to do.

These conditions are treatable! Even then it is hard to let them go. At this point, work on educating yourself about OCD and explore your treatment options. I hope you can get some help and find freedom from this. I get extreme overwhelming nostalgia to the point I literally cannot tear myself away from myself, if that makes sense.

I am 64, soon to be They seemed to be obsesslve topics. This can lead to checking behaviors, such as:. Maybe I developed a destructive defence mechanism. Last year around this same time I went thru the most terrifying experiences in my life. But, even though I grieved for her, I was relieved when she passed because she suffered a long time. But I spoke with my sister and she has been experiencing the same thing since she got pregnant last May.

Lea on November 29, at pm. This is already a part of me and it kills me inside. Posts Im below 15 but above 12 years old and my mom is about I have seen a chartered psychiatrist and he told me what I already new, I will always be the same, people have suggested cognitive therapy but I believe that if you see and feel how this world really is then its a dark place were monsters are everywhere and when I say monsters I mean paedophiles, child killers, rapists, politicians, ect.

Angie, I would definitely talk to your doctor about anxiety. Logically i know that most people DO make it to old age and that both loved ones mother and his father had lifelong conditions that made them far far more likely to die young which neither me nor my husband have but i still am almost convinced of these stupid thoughts! My Grandma is the sweetest woman in the world, and my cat is like my best friend. I am saddened to read all of the stories about others who have this issue in their lives, such young ages, much too young to have to deal with such turmoil. This is my fake name and my fake email address and I just put a random website when I was creating my account. I have feelings of guilt for moving away and not letting them enjoy thier one and only grandson.

I spend all night trying to sleep but just trying to tell my daughter I love her. If this is happening a lot and loved ones affecting you I would definitely reach out to your doctor. I am starting to think there is something wrong with me. Do you tend to harm yourself? Death is a sad thing but must happen at least once. Imagine placing your fears on leaves that are floating down a river.

Wonderful to hear. Do u have any coping tips at all? Individuals with violent obsessions may fear becoming serial killers or deliberately hurting someone they love.

Or do you have access to grief counselling? Again, death and loss is obsesskve part of life. The pain would be so aching. It's more about attending obsessive fear of losing loved ones our mind's and body's basic needs—nutrition, activity, rest, routine, social support, and doing things that are meaningful to you. I know medications are something you want to steer away from, but talking to your doctor may help you make a clear decision about that. I love them so much and cant imagine any life without any of them.

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Read this next. What should I do? Also, I usually worry we ,oved either get cancer or die in a losing accident. Read More The treatment for overcoming phobia of losing someone concentrates on becoming skilled at refocusing the anxieties and talking a bout your concerns and feelings. We mourn it, and then we learn to value our life and those around us.

I love her so much. She has two sons, and the oldest is gone now. Is there anything I should do? I cant get rid of these ideas and i dont know what to do if this happens. You are truly an amazing person.

Katherine Stone on September 11, at am. I fear of turning to a serial killer. A defeated sufferer of intrusive unwanted "gay" thoughts finally convinces himself he must be gay and starts engaging in gay sex acts. This is already a part of me and it kills me inside. However, when I am feeling all good and thinking this is behind me, the same thought pops up again with a feeling that this is not over yet.

I have the same fears you all mention. Thankyou again. If my eldest gets a bruise, says his stomach or back hurt, has diarrhea, etc. I feel like the more children you have, the worse it gets.

Laura S on September 14, at am. We think you are right that being away from home and being independent is probably the real issue, but your mind has fixated on losing your parents. Something I picked up again and this has not helped that issue either. As we sense an intimacy issue.

I was scared at night and I was just down. Tips and Warnings. I think the reason why I am so afraid is because no one really talks about it. Hello Kelly, thank you for reaching out. Accept payments from your.

I hope that this helps in some small way and I wish you all the best Claire xx. Most public losing loved ones will have children's books to help you and your children with the subject in a graceful manner. Lately I have been having anxiet attacks and depression over the fear of death and one day losing all of the people I love. Take some time everyday to meditate and write down your feelings on paper. I feel sick to my stomach and scared all day that my son or daughter would be taken from me, or that I die and miss out on their lives.

I hate these anxiety obsessivd. If there is anything about death I cant read it or watch it obsessive fear of losing loved ones listen to it. Alexis Lesa describes her constant fears of losing her husband or children while she had postpartum anxiety. I know its morbid - ridiculous even, but I just cant shake it. I lost about half of my family because of either cancer or because of something I have done.

When the thoughts arise squash themand just say no. But we must allow our body to do what it is made to do and not push away the feelings. Life is too short! I think I have anxiety which makes it harder. Praying for us!

We are all just people doing our best. We can become more grateful for what is right in front of us. Comment Here. By the way, we have some articles on identity, that might help.

I am also in the situation where I can comfortably provide for my little girl. I have not had a child but I fear death and my mother dying so bad that I cry or I just panic for days. The human experience involves challenge after challenge. Hi there HD. Darrian on March 16, at pm. The fear of a loved one's death is a profound, existential anxiety. Have hope that life holds enough promise for you that you no longer need to focus on death.

I worried that my husband would die in a car crash during his five-minute drive to the grocery store. I did not seek obeessive, nor did I understand what I losing loved ones going through until way after a I felt better. An adult you trust, a counsellor at school? If you are at college or university they might offer free to low cost services, do look into it. After I had my daughter, I felt normal enough at first, but then it started coming back. Promoted Stories. But in that moment, after telling yourself to let go of the thought, what do you fill your mental space with instead?